plans and packages

We provide you with different kind of plans and packages at an affordable price. These are 100% effective and harmless. Here we go with the list of plans and packages available in diet clinic


  • Diet consultation- you can get the list of the diet according to your choice and need.
  • Weight loss programs- works 100% in losing the extra fats of the body.
  • Therapeutic diets- diet according to your therapy is given.
  • Weight gain program- helps to get rid of an underweight problem.
  • Lifestyle diet- one can choose this diet to live a disease free life.


Learn the reason behind setting different plans and packages


The diet plans and packages are recommended for a certain time period and the people have to visit the diet clinic for the regular checkup. We thank Dietitian Sheela Seharawat for setting such effective diet plans and packages for the patients.

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